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    Shopping Trolley,Garments SS Trolleys Manufacturer in Dhaka

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    We are supplying buckets and basket trolleys for heavy loads which are capable of carrying a minimum load of 500 kg and a maximum load of 2000 kg. At present we are offering less than the conventional price in the market and it is sustainable. We have a minimum of 5 mm. (MS / SS) content.

    We make any type of high quality and high carrying trolleys in our country and supply them to the buyers. They can be used in :

    Dying Trolley Price In Bangladesh

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    Location: 302, Hazi Tower, Jurain New Gandaria Road Dhaka Dhaka, 1204

    Industrial Bucket SS MS Trolley

    • Garments Industries
    • Textile Mills
    • Spinning Mills
    • Chemical Industries
    • Food Company
    • Tobacco Industries
    • Fish Processing Plant
    • Cold Storage

    Basket Price In Bangladesh

    N.B:- In addition, if you need a super shop rack of any other size, we will customize you.Not only just size,
    we can customize any color for you because we make the products in Bangladesh.So the main advantage
    of taking it from us is that we can make the rack the way you want it In Sha Allah.


    SS And MS Trolley

    SS And ms trolley is used to carry and transport various items like chemicals, equipment, tools, etc. SS And ms trolleys are made up of a series of metal pipes or bars that support the load from above. The weight of the item being transported by these buckets is supported by many steel rods and ribs inside the bucket which make it sturdy for any kind of heavy load. Â Strong motor can be used to carry a heavy load and the wheels provide great maneuverability. Â Over tension snares ensure that no hard bounces into walls and other obstacles during transportation.

    SS Utility Trolley

    SS trolley is a great option for moving heavy items in factories and warehouses. It has a sturdy construction that helps you to move loads easily, even when the trolley is full of various products. The trolley can be used in any kind of facilities like a warehouse, food processing factory, or shipping center. SS utility trolley also comes with unique features such as it can accommodate up to 5 people at once and has wheels that are made from strong plastic material which makes it very safe for usage.

    With this durable, easy-to-use product you’ll be able to move heavy loads with ease and at a speed that you won’t find in any other alternative.

    SS Tray Trolley

    SS Tray Trolley is one of the best materials that are used in industries. It can be easily transported and stacked on site. It comes with a fixed height and adjustable width, which makes it more efficient for storing products inside factories, warehouses or shops. The trays have wheels to move them around the place easily

    SS Platform Trolley

    SS Platform Trolley is a very useful tool for the transportation of heavy loads. This ss platform trolley can be used in warehouses, industries, and factories to transport heavy items like steel, masonry materials, etc. This is a strong and durable material that can easily carry heavy loads with original features like built-in steel handles.

    SS high-quality trolley

    1) stainless steel high-quality material, 2) customized design and logo printing are available, 3) popular in the medical industry to move the medicine, etc., 4). An evenly rotating bracket can make it easy to travel with a heavy load of different objects.

    Best quality industrial bucket ss ms trolley best quality

    MS Platform Trolley

    MS Platform Trolley is the perfect material for creating a workbench. This sturdy and durable platform can be used to place small, medium, or large objects on it. The ms platform trolley is made of high-quality materials that are resistant to corrosion and rusting. Â MS platform has a frame that supports the load and is also made up of heavy-duty bars, rods, screws, or bolts which hold weight easily. Â It comes with wheels that provide excellent maneuverability while moving around. Movement on this trolley becomes very easy as it can be balanced on any uneven surfaces too!

    Furthermore, when you are able to create a workbench in the workshop, then many possibilities open up for people working at that location.

    This component adds great value and utility to every facility as it not only increases productivity but also provides ease of operations for staff members too.

    The ss platform trolley is perfect for warehouses, factories, and other places where heavy loads need to be transported. It is made of durable materials that are resistant to corrosion and rusting. Additionally, it has a built-in steel handle which makes it easy to move around. The ms platform trolley provides excellent support when placing objects on it, making movement very easy. When creating a workbench in the workshop, these trays increase the workspace available to the user. Moreover, when you are planning to place heavy loads in a workshop, then this is a perfect solution for carrying these objects.



    Industrial Bucket & Trolley (GRIB 03)

     Model Capacity Ltr. Dia/Width Height
    Inch mmInchmm
     GRIB 03 750 46.50”1180 42” 1068

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     Model Capacity Ltr. Length Dia/Width Height
    Inch mmInch mmInchmm
     GRIB 07 400 48”(TOP)
     24” 610

    Bucket and Basket Trolley In Bangladesh

    ABS Enterprise Products is having an expansive experience and is notorious as one of the stylish Perforated Bucket and Basket Trolley Manufacturers in Bangladesh. We put the stylish of our skills while structuring Perforated Bucket and Basket Trolley for their smart and plain establishment. Its unwatchable grade and energy settle on them the top decision for meeting the electrical and mechanical requirements in different enterprises.

    Flexible and Affordable Bucket and Basket Trolley
    We use high-grade material for the manufacturing process of perforated type string and this makes them unnaturally enduring in nature. Likewise, their smooth design and rigidity make them flexible for use and empower you to use the accessible space immaculately.

    Abs Enterprise Bucket and Basket Trolley Suppliers in Bangladesh

    We’re a Delhi grounded Bucket and Basket Trolley manufacturing company which is well-known as the leading Bucket and Basket Trolley Suppliers in Bangladesh as well. These offered ranges are available in excellent quality and keep going long. Use your space for your electrical and ultramodern requirements while perfecting the good with a safe-to-use string charger.

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