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    Project Description

    Supershop Gondola Rack price

    Gondola Rack For Supermarket and Industry

    Supermarket Island Gondola Double Side Display Rack is such a form of the gondola that is usually used in the super shops for display products that the customers can easily find as they need. This island gondola we also can call a connector gondola. Users easily can connect it with the starter gondola and end gondola without any hassle of installing it in their super shop and store.
    Supermarket Island Gondola Double Side Display Rack has 5 shelves on the remaining and 5 shelves on the right but length, height, and the number of salves are changeable & customizable as per customer requirements. There are stoppers in each rack to make sure that your products are safe and not damaged. These stoppers are mainly for accidental situations so that nothing can happen to your product and reduce wastage of products costs. As a result, inside products will be safe enough.

    This Island gondola is really user-friendly. You can clean it at any time you want and also can fit anywhere you want. Our Island Gondola shelving is heavy-duty with a tan or black powder-coated finish. Island gondola is easy to assemble. It requires no nuts or bolts. The style of this gondola is so eye-catching that it could add additional traditional brilliance to your super shop.

    • One Side Gondola rack
    • Wall Side Gondola Rack
    • Display Rack
    • Middle Gondola Rack
    • Double Side Gondola Rack
    • End Gondola Rack

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    Location: 302, Hazi Tower, Jurain New Gandaria Road Dhaka Dhaka, 1204

    • Type: Wall, Island, End
    • Customizable in sizes, materials, shapes, and colors
    • User-friendly price label with multi-anges
    • Back panels of different styles to interchange freely
    • Perfect display system
    • Wide range of accessories and category solutions tailor-made for retailers
    • Bread racks, CD, Battery, Square, Round, Glass-made, Clothes, Fabric
    • Suitable for all kinds of retail stores
    • Height: As per required by the customer
    • Weight: 3’ and 4’
    • Number of shelves: As per required by the customer


    ModelHeight (H)DepthLengthShelveDecking MaterialBack CoverColour
    Single or Wall Side6’/7.5′ Feet14” Inches3’/4’ Feet5 LayerMetal PlateMetal Plate / Netpowder-coated (Any color)
    Double or Both Side5’/6′ Feet30” Inches3’/4’ Feet5 LayerMetal PlateMetal Plate / Netpowder-coated (Any color)
    Cash Counter30″ Inches22″ Inches48″ InchesMetal plate and SS Toppowder-coated (Any Colour)

    One Side Gondola Rack

    Our company is highly acclaimed in the field of manufacturing and supplying of Supermarket Gondola Shelving. Constructed utilizing the hi-tech machinery and modern tools, these Supermarket gondola Shelving are produced using steel as the chief constituent. Widely demanded by our clientele, these Supermarket gondola Shelving are in sync with the current trends and are extremely versatile and highly reliable. Furthermore, these Supermarket gondola Shelving require the least maintenance.

    Product Description

    Custom middle display  gondola rack supermarket rack round gondola rack fruit rack slat shelf rack gondola vegetable rack grocery store racks

    1. Corrosion Protection

    2. Applicable to boutiques, makeup shops, stationery stores, maternal and
    child stores, food stores, grocery stores,s, and other shops.

    3. Adjust the layer space and the number of layers.

    4. Durable powder coating and baked enamel finishes ensure long life.

    Middle Gondola Rack

    End Gondola Rack

    Super shop End Gondola is like a starter gondola and connector gondola as customers demand. Super shop End gondolas is designed to maximize floor space, adding flow and direction to foot traffic and encouraging customers to browse throughout the whole shop, which can increase sales and impulse buys.

    Super Shop End Gondola Shelving Display Rack can be used to illustrate all kinds of products in your super shop. You can keep a lot of products on this End gondola. You can customize any gondola sizing according to your portion of the super shop.

    End Gondola Shelving is designed to display and support a variety of items of products. It is a popular shelving system for every pharmacy, supermarket, super shop grocery, convenience store, hardware store, discount store, liquor store, pawn shop, pet shop and many more. Buy it today and decorate your super shop.

    N.B:- In addition, if you need a super shop rack of any other size, we will customize you.Not only just size,
    we can customize any color for you because we make the products in Bangladesh.So the main advantage
    of taking it from us is that we can make the rack the way you want it In Sha Allah.

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    Name: Din Islam Phone: 01701852126 Email: Location: 302, Hazi Tower, Jurain New Gandaria Road Dhaka Dhaka, 1204


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